The Journey to Sudbury

Long Ride
After imagining the fun trip to Canada, it was time also to lift the suitcase and go there. All the equipments, such as passport, visa, invitation letter, and of course 3 pack of my favorite cigarettes, starmild, i prepare. Without any constraints, fiscal affairs and immigration, we entered into Etihaj aircraft that will fly us to Canada (Kanada. … we’re coming).
Depart from Soekarno Hatta at 20.00 pm, the first trip from Jakarta to Abudhabi (UAE) to within 7 hours, until at Abudhabi 24.00 hours (time Abudhabi). Jump checkin hotel to wait a second trip. Had a chance to hang at the airport, we finally decided to sleep in the airport until time of departure at 10.00 AM.

10:00 AM we left with Etihaj also, with the distance more than 16 hours, at 17:00 pm we arrived at Pearson Airport, Toronto. The third trip with hours of waiting until 22:00 to Sudbury to use Air Canada. Exactly at 23:00, we arrived at the airport Sudbury, followed by taxi to the inn where we were headed, Homewood Suites. 24.00 hours we forget, when paying taxi got surprised, too, CAN $ 65, wow … Rp. 650,000 bro ….. But Alhamdulillah, we got to the inn destination safely …. travel a very long and tiring.  Canada …. he we are now……….

Sudbury Village of Peace
Imagining Canada, large and developed countries, certainly everything is more than Jakarta, but the shadow that disappears as soon as we are in Sudbury. Sudbury is only 200,000 residents truly a quiet town, even when compared with Depok, my homeland. Center crowd were concentrated in the Downtown and New Sudbury, and even then each have only one big mall. He he he this is a peaceful village of Sudbury.

First Meeting
Our first schedule is the shopping needs, then call Prof. Tov to the meeting agenda. September 9, 2009, at 08.00, Prof.. Tov came to take us to introduce the Laurentian University and the facilities in it, such as for Prof. perpustakaan.Salut. Tov, which every moment ready to pick us up, had a discussion about our dissertation plan, and a lot of things …. thank’s Prof.

The only entertainment that we wait is a time for weekend, usually Prof. Tov this offering, so we do not get bored quickly. The first weekend, on 12-13 September 2009, we scheduled a trip to Otawa and Quebec, all met with Prof.. Syarifudin Madenda (Thank’s Sir and Mam, Mrs. Hayet Lagoune, for all the hospitality and everything). Could also be introduced by Dr. Sebaztian, head of marketing programs in Uqo.
The second weekend, because there are no plans from Prof.. Tov, we agreed to explore Sudbury, he he he okay, from South End, Fourth Corner, Downton, to New Sudbury’s our crawl … although the population a bit, but far greater extent than Depok, because the lake (there) were large, such as Ramsey Lake, Long Lake, lake Winnipeg, and others.

Third week, on 26-27 September, Prof.. Tov took us to visit Toronto. Once we can hotel, the Delta Chelsea in Downtown Toronto, we walk to Younge Road, the world’s longest street, wash the eyes of all purchases. We also take city tours by bus, quite CAD $ 36, for 2 hours. The second day, we take a package tour to Niagara Falls, once again thank Prof. …


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